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8 Surprising Things That Have Gluten In Them

When you’re eating gluten-free there’s many things that have gluten in them that are obvious e.g. bread, pizza, pasta etc. But there are other things that you may have not thought of having gluten in them. Below is a list of things that people don’t often think will have gluten in them.  The list below are not an exhaustive list.  Basically, anything you put on your body and into can have gluten in it without you knowing. If you’re unsure of anything then Google it.  Ok, let’s get into the list…

1. Medications

Every time you take a medication you should Google whether that medication has gluten in it. Why would a medication have gluten in it? Well, gluten is a glue-like substance that can be used to bind everything together. So like I said, check every time you take any medication to see if it has gluten in it.  You’ll be surprised what does!

2. Natural Supplements

Like medication, there can often be gluten in natural supplements. You must check the ingredients of any supplement you buy to make sure it does not have any gluten in it.

3. Beauty Products

A lot of things you put on your body have gluten in them. Try and find the ingredients of anything you put on your body. Sometimes this is difficult to do but do your best because you’ll be surprised what things have gluten in them. For example, shampoo can often have gluten in it so you need to check this and other things like cosmetics, lip balms etc.

4. Gravy/Soups

If you buy anything in a packet like gravy or soups make sure you check whether they have gluten in them. Most of them will.

5. Hot Chocolate

Like gravy and soups in packets. If you’re buying hot chocolate in a packet or getting one from a cafe then it probably has gluten in it. You need to check this carefully otherwise you’ll be consuming gluten and not know it.

6. Wheat free items

If something say’s it’s wheat-free it doesn’t mean it’s gluten-free. You can get gluten from other grains like rye, spelt and barley. If you can’t handle gluten from wheat then you’ll most probably won’t be able to handle it from those other grains. So always check products carefully if they say they are wheat-free.

7. Oats

Oats have gluten in them but it’s a different form that is found in wheat. BUT there is a big risk of contamination with oats because they are often grown close to wheat and processed in the same facility as wheat. If you can find oats that is certified as gluten-free then try that. However, like I said, they aren’t really gluten-free and some people will still have problems with them so test them out to see how you react to them.

8. Chewing Gum

Some brands use wheat flour on the gum to stop it from sticking to the packaging. If you chew gum you should check whether it is gluten-free or not.

There you go. That’s 8 surprising things that have gluten in them. There will be more things that I have missed off this list so check everything.   Having said that, if you’re gluten-free there will come a time when you will get glutened.  There is no avoiding that.  It’s not IF but WHEN.   So to make your life so much easier you need to look to healing yourself so you can tolerate gluten again.  To help you do that I have put together a 5 step video that you can get for free here.   Go and sign up for that and discover what you need to do to get your life back.

Nick Bayley

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