Does A Gluten-Free Diet Heal People?

If you find you can’t tolerate gluten/wheat and you just cut it out, then you’ll eventually heal yourself, right?

Probably Not!

There’s been studies done into this and they have proven it’s not true.  You can check this out here if you’d like:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19302264

In that study they found that only 8% of the participants that followed a strict gluten-free diet for 16 months actually got back to a normal gut tissue.   Here’s the conclusion of this research study…

CONCLUSION: Complete normalization of duodenal lesions is exceptionally rare in adult coeliac patients despite adherence to GFD, symptoms disappearance and negative CD related serology. Control biopsies are mandatory to identify lack of response to gluten-free diet.

Imagine… if you’re sensitive to gluten/wheat and you go on a gluten-free diet and then have control biopsies taken regularly to see how you’re progressing. And if that was done, most people will find that just being on a gluten-free diet has no positive effect whatsoever on their gut tissue.  Although, most will start to feel a lot better by not aggravating their gut so much.

And I say “so much” because it’s impossible to actually avoid consuming gluten entirely.  You can’t avoid it and every time you get glutened it will be negatively affecting your digestive organs.

So if you can’t handle eating gluten/wheat and you cut it out for a very long time then you have a very, very high chance that it will not make any difference to helping you tolerating wheat/gluten, because your stomach has not healed. That’s not good!

You see, to have any chance of tolerating gluten/wheat again (even if it’s traces) then you must actually….

…eat certain foods that are healing.

You must….

….take the right supplements that will help you heal.

And you must….

….drink the right things that will help you heal.

What you need is a completely different approach to just “gluten-free” eating to help yourself heal, so you can hopefully handle gluten/wheat because as I keep saying… consuming gluten/wheat is unavoidable.

Most gluten-sensitive people simply eat Gluten-Free.  Not all gluten-free foods are actually good for you. And a lot of gluten-free foods will stop you ever from tolerating gluten/wheat again.

Nick Bayley

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