Gluten Free Diet

Why There’s No Such Thing As A Gluten-Free Diet

So you know that you can’t handle eating gluten/wheat.

What’s the solution?

Just avoid eating gluten/wheat?

On the one hand that sounds easy but on the other hand, that’s impossible to do.



Are you never going to eat out ever again?

Of course you’re going to eat out.

And when you do, even if you order something that says it’s gluten free, there may be some hidden ingredient with gluten/wheat in it.  Plus, there’s a high chance of cross-contamination unless the eating establishment is 100% gluten/wheat free.  In some establishments, the staff wear gloves to handle food but wear the same gloves to handle food containing gluten and then immediately handle ‘gluten free’ food with the same gloves.

It’s impossible to eat out and never eat something with wheat/gluten in it.  At some point, you will get ‘glutened’.

The next problem with avoiding eating gluten/wheat is that it’s impossible if you live with other people who eat wheat.  At some point, there will be cross-contamination that will happen and you will inadvertently consume gluten.

So if you don’t handle gluten well then, by all means, do your best to avoid it, but understand that at some time, you will get ‘glutened’.

However, I think it’s best to not just accept that at certain times you will feel bad because of getting glutened, but actively do something about it and try to heal yourself so you can handle small amounts of gluten without adverse reactions.

You need to change your mindset from one of doing your best to avoid wheat/gluten to saying to yourself….

“ok, I don’t handle gluten well currently but I’m going to eat, drink and take supplements to heal myself so I can handle gluten if I consume it.”

That’s the big shift I made and now I can eat things with gluten in them after years of not being able to tolerate even the slightest cross-contamination.  It doesn’t mean I eat it often.  If I did I would get very overweight and feel yuck I think.  Plus, I don’t think wheat nowadays is good for people to eat in large quantities anyway but it’s impossible to avoid.

So in summary, no matter how strict of a gluten-free diet you’re on, you will at some point get glutened.  To help yourself then you need to try to heal yourself, so that when that happens you can tolerate gluten so it doesn’t make you feel sick.

Nick Bayley

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