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Should Everyone Be Gluten-Free? Watch This Video And Decide…

Here’s an interesting video about gluten and whether it’s actually bad for us. Watch this video first and then read my comments below in which I summarize what was said in the video…

0:50“Celiac disease has a cure, it’s called a gluten-free diet”.    My comment….. what a dumb statement!   Not eating gluten does not cure a person of celiac disease.   And people can’t completely avoid getting ‘glutened’ anyway.

1.40“Over 95% of people with celiac disease remain undiagnosed.”

2:05“About 18 million Americans have gluten sensitivity.”

2.10“Dr. Kenneth fine of Enterolab, a testing lab for non-celiac gluten sensitivity, asserts that the number of people with this disorder could be as high as 30-40%”

5.09“The thing about gluten is that although many people can eat it without any obvious problems, no one is able to completely digest it.”

5.50“…it seems like the body’s immune system mistakingly interprets gluten as a dangerous bacterium or bacteria. This causes the body to unleash an immune response to fight against and rid the body of the perceived attacker.    Dr. Fasano says that this response is elicited in everyone. It is not exclusive to only people with gluten-related disorders.”

6.20“… inflammation is meant to be temporary not a response every time you eat.”

6.50“There is no part of the body that is immune from the damaging effects of gluten. The reason being is because there’s no part of the body that is excluded from the mechanism of inflammation.”

9.15“So the human body is not properly equipped to eat massive amounts of gluten in general.   And it seems to be taking its toll on more and more people.  Celiac disease is on the rise, increasing 4 fold over the last 50 years.”

9.50“We are consuming way more wheat products nowadays.”

10.20“Wheat has changed quite a bit over time.”

11.00“It appears that most anyone could benefit in some way from eating less wheat and gluten.  Depending on who you are you can obviously tolerate more or less.  Celiacs and gluten-sensitive people obviously have to be very careful with their diet.   In other people, constant consumption of wheat can slowly chip away at their health with persistent inflammation.

11.50“Just because something is gluten-free does not mean it’s healthier.  Gluten-free products often add more sugar, more refined unhealthy fats, and other questionable substitutes that make up for the palatability lost from taking the gluten out.  Unless you’re celiac or gluten sensitive, going from processed food to gluten-free processed food is hardly an improvement in health.”

Here are the big take-aways for those of us that could once tolerate wheat/gluten but can’t now.

When we thought we could eat wheat/gluten and not have any problems, what was actually happening was gluten was causing increased inflammation in our bodies and it was hurting the lining of our stomach.   So over time, our symptoms got worse and worse.   The process of the damaging effects of gluten on our bodies happened over a long time.  We didn’t suddenly go from being able to tolerate it one day to not being able to the next.

This process is happening in everyone because our bodies are not equipped to process gluten, and we are eating more gluten than ever in human existence because it’s in almost everything… including some lipstick!  People tolerate gluten differently but it causes excess inflammation in everyone.

Now there’s no way we can ever avoid gluten completely.  So we need to go to work on repairing our bodies so we can tolerate small amounts of gluten and reduce the inflammation we have if/when we consume it – accidentally or not.   And if we ever get to a point where we can tolerate gluten again on a bigger scale we should never go back to eating a lot of it because it causes inflammation, and inflammation is bad!

Finally to answer the headline question on this post… “Should everyone be gluten-free?”

My answer… I think everyone should do their best to avoid gluten when possible.    Because it just makes sense to not put our bodies through excessive inflammation.

Nick Bayley

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